J. L. Weinmeister

YA Fantasy Writer and Storyteller

Once Upon a Weinmeister

Check out Once Upon a Weinmeister, my YA fantasy blog where I share original short stories. My series Welcome to Kareena is a tour of the Kareena Universe, a fantastical realm, through the stories of its inhabitants.

Behind the Storyteller

Check out Behind the Storyteller, my blog of all things bookish. I share reviews of books, reviews of movies based on books, thoughts on different story elements, and other bookish things.

Camp Write Owl

Camp Write Owl is a virtual writing camp. The first two camps, Storytelling 101 and Grammar 110, went live in March and June 2021, and the lessons are available at the link above.

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Check out my YouTube channel where I chat about books, movie adaptations, storytelling elements, and other bookish things. You can also listen to audio versions of my original short stories.

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J. L. Weinmeister

YA Fantasy Writer