The Journey Begins

J.L. Weinmeister

Welcome, humans. If you are here, you must be an adventurer, ready to embark on a journey the likes of which you have never seen before in your world; for this is a journey to foreign worlds, worlds you didn’t even know existed until you found me.

My name is Jimaya. I am a cultural connoisseur, storyteller, and one who sees the past, among other things. But for the purposes of this journey, I am your guide. You must put your trust in me as we travel to realms you never dreamed exist. I’d be lying if I said it won’t be dangerous, but rest assured. Each planet is a lifelong friend. No harm will befall any who travel with me. Scared? Then perhaps this isn’t the journey for you.

If you feel that insatiable itch that is wanderlust, that need to know what lies beyond Earth and human knowledge, then you have come to the right place. Welcome.

I offer you a place as my travelling companion. Over the next year, we will go to tropical paradises with thick jungles, turquoise seas, and golden sands. We will visit deserts of harsh winds, sand dunes, and hidden life. We will traverse forests of all natures: snowy, evergreen, golden, blooming. In these places, you will find people who are unlike you and yet like you, both foreign and familiar, exotic and native. I will tell you their stories, stories of their past, stories of their present; but if you seek stories of their future, you will not find them here.

Do not embark on this journey lightly. No one can say for sure how the road will change you. If you are unprepared, you will find the journey difficult. You will want to go home before it is complete. Be forewarned: There is no going back once you begin.

I can see some of you are still interested despite the danger, the challenges, the promise of change. Are you ready? Go now, and pack your bags. Do not burden yourself with material goods that serve no purpose. Bring only what you need to survive. Some lands are hospitable, while others are hostile. I will ensure you have shelter and sustenance. It is up to you to provide the rest.

Now make your arrangements. Close up your house, hire a pet sitter, ask someone to manage your affairs while you’re gone. If you have not returned at the end of one year, then you will not be coming back. Say your goodbyes, however temporary or permanent they may be. You can write letters, but they may take longer to return than you.

Still here? I see you are determined to join me. Sign up below. We leave at dawn in three days’ time. I will be here, waiting. Then our journey begins.

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