Nolim and the Volai

J.L. Weinmeister

You had enjoyed the Festival of the Volai so much that you want to know more about its history. The following night, I tell you the story exactly as Jaysa heard it as a child growing up in her village.

* * * * *

During the time of our ancestors, there was a young woman named Nolim. Nolim was a respected member of her village with a taer and two children.

One year the winter season was unusually cold and snowy, and the people were running low on food. Nolim took up her great bow and quiver of arrows and went hunting.

Three days she went out into the forest, and three nights she returned empty handed.

On the fourth day, she found a herd of talopen, hoofed creatures with long horns. She was pulling back her bowstring when a pack of volai sped into the clearing and attacked the talopen. The talopen fled, but together the volai took down one of the slower ones. The rest ran away before Nolim had a chance to shoot any of them.

That night she returned empty handed once more, but she had an idea. She gathered the other skilled hunters together. None of them had had any success either. She suggested they hunt together. The volai do it that way, and the people were doing so poorly it was worth trying.

The next day, the group of hunters went out together. When they found a herd of talopen, they took aim. They were able to take down two of them, which fed the entire village for many days.

Nolim remembered the volai pack and how they taught her what teamwork is. She went out on her own to thank them.

When she found them, she asked to speak to the alpha. He asked why she was there, and she told him how she saw them use teamwork to hunt. How her people were starving, and their way of hunting was failing. How they tried the volai’s way of hunting and were successful. She told him she came to thank them for sharing their wisdom, unintentional though it may have been.

The volai were humbled by her gratitude. The alpha offered his daughter, Aleena, as an ambassador who could return to the durmiad village with Nolim and teach her people their ways. Nolim thanked him and told him they would hold a festival in their honor.

From that day forward, Nolim’s people learned from the volai and treated them with respect. During the last full moon of autumn, they held their Festival of the Volai to honor their partnership. Aleena’s descendants lived in the village where they served the people and were ambassadors for the volai for millennia to come.

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