The Fellowship of the Ring Movie Review

J.L. Weinmeister

Today I’m reviewing The Fellowship of the Ring movie. I’m focusing more on the quality of the story and adaptation than I am on the technical aspects. I’m coming from the perspective of someone who saw the movie before reading the book. This review contains spoilers for the book and the movie. It also contains spoilers for the beginning of The Two Towers book.

I like the addition of the prologue. It helps set the tone and gets viewers invested in the overall plot. I like how it pays homage to the poem “The Lord of the Rings”. I also like that some of the original dialogue is used in the movie. I enjoy it when I recognize lines of dialogue from the book.

One of the things I don’t like about the book is that Frodo sells Bag End. I’m glad the movie doesn’t show that. It’s hard enough reading about it, and I think watching it would make me cry.

My favorite scene in this movie is when the hobbits meet Strider at The Prancing Pony. I love how he sits creepily in the corner and makes them uneasy, but it turns out he’s a powerful ally. I also like that Arwen gets some screen time in the movie, and her relationship with Aragorn is included.

I like that Merry and Pippin put themselves in danger to distract the orcs from Frodo, so Frodo can escape. I admire their courage and their willingness to protect their friend.

I’m glad the movie left out some of the boring stuff I didn’t enjoy reading about in the book. It improves the storytelling.

I don’t like some of the changes the movie made like leaving out the dwarves from The Hobbit. I like how there are hints of Bilbo’s previous ventures at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring book, mainly exemplified by the presence of the dwarves at Bilbo’s birthday party. I also don’t like that Bilbo doesn’t tell Frodo about his plan for leaving. In the book he does tell him, and I don’t like that he leaves Frodo wondering until Gandalf confirms his suspicions. The movie also fails to mention that Bilbo and Frodo have the same birthday.

I want to know why Sam is trimming grass under Frodo’s window in the dark. Who trims grass in the dark? It would make more sense if that scene took place in the daytime.

I like the conspiracy in the book where Sam, Merry, and Pippin figure out what Frodo’s secrets are. I’m sad it didn’t make it into the movie.

I want to know why there are orcs in Moria. It would make more sense for them to be goblins. What also doesn’t make sense is when the Fellowship is at the Bridge of Khazad-Dum, Gandalf is the second one to cross, and Frodo is last. Shouldn’t Frodo be first since he’s the ring bearer and therefore the most important member of the company?

Toward the end of the movie, Aragorn and Boromir are shown holding off an army of orcs single-handedly. Wouldn’t they easily be surrounded and overwhelmed? I find this unrealistic. I don’t care how amazing their fighting skills are, they can’t possibly take out a large group of orcs on their own.

Lastly, I don’t like Boromir. He comes across as really weak compared to the other members of the Fellowship because he succumbs to the Ring’s appeal. He jeopardizes their mission and puts Frodo in danger because he can’t control himself. I’m not saying he’s a bad character because there can certainly be heavily flawed characters. I’m just saying I don’t like him.

Overall, I find this movie enjoyable to watch, and I think it’s a decent adaptation of the book. It definitely leaves a lot out and adds some plot holes, but in some ways it improves the storytelling by skipping over things I don’t like in the book and strengthening characters who were glossed over.

What do you think of this movie? Do you think it’s a good adaptation of the book? Let me know in the comments down below.

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