Ranking Middle Earth Movies

I’m ranking the three Lord of the Rings movies and the three Hobbit movies. I’ll be basing my rankings off of the normal editions of The Lord of the Rings movies and the extended editions of The Hobbit movies. I’ve seen the normal editions of The Hobbit, but that was when they were in theaters. I haven’t seen them since then, so I’m going off the versions I’ve seen more recently. I will explain why the movies are ranked the way they are. This post is spoiler-free.

Number 6: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This is an incredibly long movie. Even the normal version is super long. The movie is mostly violent battle scenes and subplots. I’m okay with some battle scenes, but this movie overdoes it. I also don’t care for the subplots. I’m here to see Bilbo and the dwarves reclaim Erebor from Smaug, and this movie doesn’t focus on that much. I don’t watch this movie very often.

Number 5: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

This one also goes into those subplots I don’t care for and deviates from the main plot a lot. It’s also a long movie—both versions. I have a hard time sitting still for that long, as I tend to lose interest after a while. I also don’t watch this movie often.

Number 4: The Two Towers

It feels like this movie is the middle—which, granted, it is—because it has a bunch of stuff that connects the beginning to the end, yet it lacks its own arc. The majority of this movie focuses on the Battle of Helm’s Deep, and I just don’t enjoy those scenes. I like Gimli and Legolas’s banter, but not everything else. I think this one just comes down to personal taste and the fact that this movie has a bunch of scenes I don’t particularly care for.

Number 3: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This one is the only movie I would rank differently if I had the original version. I would trade it with The Return of the King. I put it here because it’s long. I tend to get restless partway through, even though I enjoy the movie. The original version doesn’t have that problem, which is why I would bump it up. I like watching the beginning of Bilbo’s journey. I think it’s really well done in the movie. Overall, I like this movie. The extended edition is just a little too long for me.

Number 2: The Return of the King

I know it’s odd that this one’s ranked so highly because it’s the longest Lord of the Rings movie, but I really enjoy watching this one. Most of the time I don’t fully watch it. I’ll have it playing in the background, so I can listen to it while I’m working on other things. There are some occasions when I give it my full attention, though. I particularly enjoy watching Aragorn’s character arc come to an end and the finale in Mordor.

Number 1: The Fellowship of the Ring

If I want to watch Lord of the Rings, this is the movie I’m going to pick up and watch. I love meeting the characters, especially Strider—that’s my favorite scene ever—and I also really love the Nazgul. One thing I don’t talk about in my movie reviews is the soundtracks, but I love the soundtracks. I particularly like the creepy music that accompanies the Black Riders. It seems I really like watching stories begin, and this is by far my favorite one. Plus this one has the Fellowship in it.

 If you want to know more about my thoughts on each individual movie, I have done reviews on all of them; so you can check out those posts. Those go into spoilers, though. I wanted to keep this one spoiler free.

Do you agree with this ranking? If not, how would you rank them? Let me know in the comments down below.

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