The Elvira

J.L. Weinmeister

We travel northwest to the town of Omari, which is only a day’s hike away from Famik. We’re still deep in the temperate forest on the eastern side of the continent, though we’ll reach grassland soon. There we’ll encounter our first big city, and you’ll see more of the elvira’s culture.

For now, you notice they spend a lot of time outside, often sleeping in hammocks hanging from the trees rather than indoors, although it’s starting to get too chilly for them to comfortably do so. Elvira are very social, and many of them nod their heads in greeting as we pass them.

When we reach Omari and settle ourselves in the inn, I tell you the story of the elvira’s creation.

* * * * *

About two hundred years after the creation of Bursna and the falarsi, the geneticists were ready to try again, this time without the devastating genetic problems. Having improved their methods, they were able to successfully create their next subspecies, the elvira.

Elviras are tall, lithe creatures with lifespans of up to six hundred years. They have the most complex set of magical abilities. Each elvira has a unique set of five powers. One is a communication ability. One is manipulation of an element. The other three are random. The scientists were quite happy with the diversity this magic system created within their new race.

Culturally, the geneticists fostered a deep love of nature and the environment. While the elvira are aware of the technological advancements the falarsi have made agriculturally and otherwise, they actively choose not to utilize those developments on their own planet. Many of the elvira can communicate with plants or animals, so they show their fellow lifeforms respect. This is why you will see minimal farming and ranching on the southern side of the continent. Elvira also refuse to keep pets, instead preferring to have animal friends. The elvira are fond of nurturing plants, however, and it is common to see lush gardens near their homes.

Sireva watched the scientists fawn over their latest creation with disgust. He hated how “pure” the elvira seemed to their creators. He wanted a way to prove their perfect race wasn’t so perfect. It would be incredibly entertaining to watch the elviras’ descent into darkness. So, he came up with a plan. It was time to send an asteroid toward Hassandri.

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