Camp NaNo Update 3

Today I’m updating you on my progress from April 17th-23rd. There were several days this past week when I didn’t really feel up to writing. I still wrote every day, even if some days I only wrote a page. That, my upcoming move, and binge-watching Shadow and Bone did not help me. I stayed up all night Thursday into Friday, so I could watch Shadow and Bone when it came out. I slept for about four hours total that day. My brain did not want to write after so little sleep, so I did a bunch of packing instead because I’m moving in a few days and haven’t packed much of anything yet.

As of the 23rd, my page count was 182, and my word count was 32,760. I will say I’ve spent most of today (the 24th) writing, and I’m almost caught up. If I don’t finish catching up today, I will tomorrow because that’s the only thing on my agenda besides finishing a story for “Welcome to Kareena”. I’m not letting myself use packing to procrastinate until I’m caught up. I seem to need the motivation.

Check back next Saturday for my final update, and find out whether or not I win Camp NaNo!

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