The Mellowmira

J.L. Weinmeister

After our stay in Cosimia, we travel east to the smaller towns of Meenra, Ularramig, and Mazrin. They’re all in the boreal forest that makes up the majority of the mellowmiran territory. North of the forest is uninhabited tundra. Sometimes men travel there to hunt, but that’s the extent of their use of the northern reaches of the continent.

If you thought Cosimia was bad in terms of how much women are oppressed, it’s even worse in the smaller towns that have less contact with the elvira. Women are confined to their homes and domestic tasks.

Tonight we stay in Mazrin, and I tell you the story of the mellowmira’s creation.

* * * * *

Having finally distracted the other durmiad scientists, Sireva was able to enact his grand plan. He hid himself deep in the northern reaches of the mountains on Linea and set to work. He tinkered with his incubating clones, manipulating their genetics to make them a new subspecies. He ensured their genetics were conducive to the colder climate of the north, so his creations could thrive there.

What Sireva failed to do was ensure they kept their magic. He intended for them to be nearly as powerful as himself, but as the young creatures aged, he found they were lacking the majority of their powers. They had only the abilities to camouflage themselves, see in the dark, and use telekinesis. He also failed to imbue them with as much immortality as he wanted. While he was aiming for the 600-year lifespan the elvira have, his creations lived for about half that time.

He raised the creatures with their own set of cultural practices, values, and beliefs, including misogyny. And then he unleashed them upon the planet.

The mellowmira spread throughout the northeastern territory. Some made their way through the mountains and settled in the west. Soon they would make their way to the warmer lands in the south where they would come into contact with the elvira. Sireva was ready for the conflict that would begin upon their meeting. He knew the invasion from the north would prove the elvira aren’t so perfect after all.

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