King Liovel’s Magic Ring

J.L. Weinmeister

We leave Burnham and civilization behind, journeying south through the mountains. We stick to the foothills. If we stray too far into the rugged peaks, we’ll encounter frigid temperatures and early snowstorms.

The wilderness is our home for the next several days. You’re reminded of your time on Kareena because we see virtually no one. Our next destination is a highly revered location few are allowed to visit. As such, it is tucked into a mountain valley away from settlements.

While we walk through the woods, I tell you a mellowmiran legend that will sound somewhat familiar.

* * * * *

King Liovel was the first monarch of our great nation. He united the mellowmira against the elvira, allowing them to create more organized attacks against their enemies. His leadership led to the dawn of a new age.

At first King Liovel seemed like an ordinary mellowmira with ordinary powers. But a few years after he established the monarchy, that all changed. He and his successor, King Dagrid, were able to do things other mellowmira couldn’t. They had elvirian abilities like teleportation and invisibility.

The elvira were rather disconcerted when they discovered someone was learning their secrets without their knowledge. King Liovel’s and Dagrid’s work helped the mellowmira gain the advantage in the war for a short while until the elvira learned of the kings’ new abilities and found ways to prevent them from spying.

There was much speculation as to the source of the kings’ powers.

King Dagrid’s successor also had those abilities, so whatever they came from was something that could be passed on from one king to the next. Speculation and rumors pointed to the silver ring the king wore. When he appointed his heir, the heir would don a similar ring.

During King Liovel’s reign, the castle’s staff would tell stories of an elvirian woman who lived in one of the towers. They believed she had something to do with the king’s increase in magical abilities.

Rumors spread that King Liovel wooed the maiden and convinced her to make the magic rings for him. Shortly after their creation, she disappeared. Few know what truly happened to her. Some say she left. Others say she died. Others tell a darker tale of her being murdered for her treason. Since those who knew her are long dead, we may never know the truth.

What we do know is the magic the mellowmiran king and his heir possess is critical to keeping the monarchy stable and maintaining balance in the war.

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