Legend of the Viristones

J.L. Weinmeister

We leave the University behind and work our way south through the mountains. We’re returning to the elvirian side of the border to see some of the larger cities in the tropics. For now we’re in the foothills and forested areas.

The University keeps records of legends and any bit of information that might prove the legends’ legitimacy. As we hike, I tell you a story every elvira and most mellowmira know. Interestingly enough, there are a handful of written accounts from witnesses who claim to have glimpsed the subjects of this particular legend.

* * * * *

In a bygone time, an elvira with the ability to imbue magic into objects created four talismans. The first was a clear gemstone, which the elvira set into a dragonfly-shaped brooch. When the elvira wore the brooch, they could manipulate air.

The second was a red gemstone, which the elvira set into a ring with a black dragon circling the gem. When the elvira wore the ring, they could manipulate fire.

The third was a green gemstone. This one was placed in a cuff. The metal bore the resemblance of two felines facing each other with their jaws open. The gem went in between their heads. When the elvira wore the cuff, they could manipulate earth.

The final one was blue, and it became part of a necklace with a fish circling the gem. When the elvira wore the necklace, they could manipulate water.

Once all four stones were created, the elvira managed to link them to one another, and their power amplified as a result. When all four were worn together, the elvira could manipulate virtually anything.

Of course, these all-powerful talismans were highly desired. Some wanted to use them to stabilize their political position. Others wanted to use them to increase their wealth and power. A few wanted to use them to bring peace, health, and happiness.

The elvira who created the magical stones had to go into hiding to keep themselves and the talismans safe. Many people, both elvira and mellowmira, tried to find them, but as far as we know, none were successful. Some who set out on their adventures never returned, and those who did said the search was hopeless.

It’s believed the stones were eventually split up, each taking its own guardian. After that, people gave up the search, but the story of the Viristones lives on.

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