Final Camp NaNo Update

Hi, everyone. This is my fifth and final Camp NaNo Update. I finished typing up AWD on the 15th, but I had to hold off posting about it because I lost my voice and couldn’t film the video for my YouTube channel. That’s why all my Welcome to Kareena stories have been delayed this week too. Now that my voice is back, I can finally share this update.

I originally estimated the 280 pages I handwrote in April would amount to 50,400 words. My estimate was a little bit off, but only by 2,500 words. And I’m happy to say my estimate was low. My final word count for the rough draft of AWD is 52,941, so I officially won Camp NaNo. Yay! I feel really accomplished. Despite falling behind several times, I managed to persevere and get it done. I wrote a novel. Again. But I’ve never written one in a month before. My previous record was just under three months (AWS, January to March, 2021). Before that, my record was six months (ADR, November 2012 to May 2013), and that one was a ridiculous 137,000 words versus the 50,000 words I did for AWS and AWD this year. The original version of ADR also included AWS. I ended up splitting it into two books because 137,000 words was just too dang long.

So, what’s next? I’m starting my archaeology internship tomorrow, so my writing productivity is about to take a huge hit for the next ten weeks. My priority (in terms of writing) for those ten weeks is getting my Welcome to Kareena stories done and editing the first book in my series (the aforementioned ADR). But, I wouldn’t be surprised if I started writing another novel because I have a story that’s been nagging me ever since I finished AWD nearly a month ago.

That story is AMF, the final book in my four-book YA fantasy series. Just like with AWD, I’ve never written it before. I have a pretty solid idea of what happens, and to be honest, I’m a little afraid to write it. Since it’s the final book in the series, when I finish it, the story is done. There’s no more writing to do for that story and those characters. (There will be plenty of editing, though.) And I have to write some scenes that I really don’t want to write. It’s bad enough having them in my head, but it will be even worse when they’re on paper. I’m really sorry for what I’m about to do to my characters.

I really want to finish out my series by the end of 2021. I just don’t know if I’ll get started on AMF this summer or if it will wait until fall. If you want to stay updated on what I end up doing, check out my monthly updates that go out on the second Wednesday of each month.

Thank you all for supporting me as I participated in Camp NaNo. I’m so proud to be a winner!

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