Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Review

This post contains spoilers for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2. The spoiler from the last movie is a major one. Read this only if you’re okay with being spoiled.

I’ll start by sharing what I like about this movie. Then I’ll share what I don’t like about this movie. I’ll end with my overall thoughts.

I love a lot of the characters and their relationships. Snape and Slughorn are well portrayed in the movie. I like the continuation of Seamus exploding things. I like the scene where Ron and Lavender break up. The movie does a great job of foreshadowing Harry and Ginny’s relationship.

I really like the added foreshadowing of Harry being a Horcrux. I like the addition of Bellatrix at the climax. It feels right to have her there. I also like that Snape sees Harry on his way up the tower to kill Dumbledore. I think it adds to the scene and makes it more impactful.

I’m glad the movie cut the Muggle Prime Minister and other boring stuff.

One of my favorite scenes is when Katie Bell touches the cursed necklace. I think it was well done.

I don’t like that the movie cut a bunch of information and scenes. We don’t see Dumbledore vs. the Dursleys, which is a great scene. Instead we get this random scene at a coffee shop in a subway station, which is not a great scene. The movie cut Harry’s inheritance from Sirius. It cut the development of Bill and Fleur’s relationship and Lupin and Tonks’s relationship. It cuts the lessons on non-verbal spells and Apparating. Given how much both of those are portrayed in the movies, I think it’s important for us to learn more about them. The movie shows us what Malfoy’s up to, which removes the mystery of his behavior. The movie doesn’t explain why Snape is the Half-Blood Prince.

There are some added scenes I don’t like as well, e.g. the photo shoot at the beginning and the Burrow catching on fire.

The movie changes the Sectumsempra scene, and Harry’s response to the spell is very different compared to the book. I like the book version better.

At the end of The Chamber of Secrets, Harry returns the diary to Lucius, yet in this movie, Dumbledore has the diary. When did Dumbledore get the diary back from Lucius?

I noticed the students rarely wear their Hogwarts robes anymore. What’s that about? I like how the costumes bring the story to life in the early movies. Why are the costumes no longer being used?

I find it odd that no one’s freaking out over the fact that Snape killed Dumbledore. He was one of the professors. The students took classes with him. Why aren’t they showing some emotions about that?

Also, why did they remove the “In Noctem” scene? That’s a great scene, and it should be in every copy of the movie, not just the occasional rerun on TV.

Overall, I think this movie is a decent adaptation of the book. It keeps most of the important stuff, so it follows the book fairly well.

What do you think of this movie? Do you think it’s a good adaptation?

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