Hello, Write Owls. Welcome to Day 15 of Grammar 110. Today we’re talking about apostrophes.

Apostrophes have two main uses. One is to indicate possession, and the other is to indicate there are missing letters in a contraction. Possessive pronouns, however, don’t use apostrophes, e.g. his, hers, theirs, yours, etc. Its is a possessive pronoun. It’s is a contraction for it is.

Apostrophes are sometimes used for clarity in plurals, e.g. a’s. Without the apostrophe, it would be read as as. If a plural can be read correctly without the apostrophe, don’t add one.


Marci’s cat left a mouse on her doormat this morning.

I can’t go to the meeting because I’ll be out of town.

The identical twins’ parents often confused them.

Where I see a lot of confusion is how to form possessives with singular words that end in s. Most people add the apostrophe to the end of the word and call it good. This is incorrect. Unless you are talking about a Biblical or Greek figure, you add the apostrophe and an s to the end of the word.


James’s map (singular word uses ‘s)

Zeus’ thunderbolt (singular Greek figure uses ‘ with no s)

The twins’ parents (plural word uses only ‘)

That’s all I have on apostrophes. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments down below, and I’ll answer them as a reply or in my Q&A on Saturday.

For practice, determine where the apostrophe and the accompanying s if applicable goes in the following sentences. If you want me to check your answers, leave them in the comments.

1. Ill be going to Charles birthday party on Friday.

2. All of the students parents will be at the meeting.

3. Arent you going to show me your new car?

4. Wouldnt it be nice if Marci cat stopped bringing her dead animals?

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