The Foreigner

J.L. Weinmeister

Your feet are sore, and your muscles burn from overexertion, but we trek ever onward. Now we cross the tail end of the mountains and work our way through the forest. You recognize Vivima from our stay there many weeks ago. We spend the night in the inn and board a boat the next morning.

The aquatic part of our journey will take two days, but you don’t mind. You’re happy to be resting your poor legs for the first time in weeks. You should certainly be in shape by now. As we cross the glittering water, I tell you more stories.

* * * * *

In a not so bygone time, there was a mysterious man who arrived at the University with the desire to study there. Unlike all the other students, he did not have a letter of recommendation. He was promptly turned away after being told a letter was required.

The man returned a few days later with a letter from the king of Raeya. This explained the man’s strange appearance. He was a saraki.

The scholars at the University had never had a foreign student before, but they didn’t want to anger a powerful king and end up fighting another war, so they let the man study with them.

The foreigner’s main interest was anthropology. He wanted to know more about elvirian and mellowmiran cultures and their ways of life. This involved many trips across the planet to interview and observe people as they went about their daily routines. He also attended holidays and other special events.

After a few years at the University, he proved his worth and became a master. He was the most accomplished anthropologist known to Lineans, and he taught many students over the course of several years. Then he left to study the cultures on other planets.

There are rumors that the foreign master returned to Linea after studying every culture in the universe. Some even speak of a love affair with a mellowmiran woman. There haven’t been any sightings of the foreigner for fourteen years, but that doesn’t mean he won’t return again one day.

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