Ranking the Harry Potter Books and Movies

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. You don’t have to agree with me.

Today I’m ranking the Harry Potter books from least favorite to favorite. I rank the movies in the same order I rank the books, which is why I’m not making a separate post. I’m going to keep my discussions of the books spoiler-free for once. If you want to know my spoiler-filled, in-depth thoughts on each book, check out my separate posts.

7. The Goblet of Fire

This book has always been my least favorite. It’s huge, and I just don’t buy the storyline.

6. The Order of the Phoenix

This is another giant book. There are too many boring sections that don’t seem to contribute to the main storyline. It really feels like a middle book. And we’re not going to talk about what happens in the end. What’s weird is this was my favorite book as a kid, but I think that mostly had to do with a certain character who’s in this book more than any other.

5. The Sorcerer’s Stone

This book is mostly an introduction to the characters and the world. While there is a decent plot, it’s one that I personally don’t love in comparison to later plots.

4. The Chamber of Secrets

This one’s just in the middle. The plot and characters are more compelling in this book than they are in the lower-ranking books. I like the mystery surrounding the Chamber of Secrets. However, it’s not as engaging as the books I’m about to mention.

3. The Prisoner of Azkaban

I love the plot with this one, particularly the great plot twists. The history of the Marauders and Snape is really interesting. I love Sirius Black and the mystery and tension surrounding him.

2. The Deathly Hallows

The stakes go through the roof with this book, and despite the depressing stuff at the end, I love how the story ends, with one exception: there’s a certain character I think should’ve died, and they didn’t. I like seeing the culmination of all the characters’ actions and the hints from the foreshadowing. For the movies, since there are two, I would rank Part Two above Part One. I like the events of the finale more than the build-up to that finale.

1. The Half-Blood Prince

This is probably the darkest of the seven books, but I absolutely love it. It’s almost part mystery with the Horcrux puzzle and Malfoy’s strange behavior. I like seeing the internal struggles the characters deal with. There’s a lot of tension and animosity between characters. The ending has a plot twist no one sees coming.

That’s my ranking of the Harry Potter books and movies. Do you agree with my ranking? If not, how would you rank them? Let me know in the comments.

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