November 2021 Life Update

Hi, everyone. It’s been a month since I last updated you. My life has still been crazy. With everything that’s been going on, I swear I never get a moment to rest. Whenever I think I’m going to have free time, something inevitably comes up and eats away at it. Despite this, I did manage to finish rereading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which I started back in June. That’s the only reading- or writing-related thing I’ve managed to accomplish.

The semester is nearly over. I have about a week left before I have a five-week break. I just have my finals left, and I’ve already finished one of them. I hate anthropological theory so much that I wrote the final paper in one sitting to just get it over with. My pottery final is directly related to my thesis research, which makes it far more interesting and fun to do. The analysis part of it took a while, and I needed a lot of help from my friend because I had no idea how to do half of what I needed to do. I’ve written the paper and put together my presentation. I just have to add the final touches and do some editing. My museum studies final is the most time-consuming. I have to design an exhibit, which includes finding all the objects; writing all the text that goes on the walls and in the displays; and coming up with programs, marketing, etc. I’ve done everything but the text at this point, but that’s still a huge piece to tackle. Both the pottery and museum studies finals are due on the 7th, so I’ll be done very soon. Then I can focus on reading and creative writing for a while.

I do have some exciting news for next semester. The anthropology museum at my university received a grant to do some work with their ceramics. I’ve been offered a job working with the archaeological ceramics that are on display in one of the exhibits. While ceramics aren’t my forte, this is a great opportunity for me to learn and get more practice in, and it’s well timed given I’m finishing up a ceramics course right now. This job will be ten hours a week in addition to the ten hours I’m already working as a teaching assistant, which will double my stipend and cover half my tuition. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity. I haven’t filled out all the paperwork, so I won’t say the job is mine yet, but things seem to be moving along well.

“Behind the Storyteller” will be back up and running very soon. I ran out of pre-filmed videos, which is part of the problem. I’ve been having trouble finding time to film, and when I do have time, something inevitably comes up to ruin it. It gets dark so early now due to Daylight Savings ending, and all my windows are west-facing, so I only have good lighting from about 11:30 am to 4:00 pm, and that’s of course when all my classes are. It’s also the time of day when all the garbage trucks, mail trucks, leaf-blowing maintenance workers, and dogs are out and about making a ton of noise. I don’t understand why the maintenance workers spend four hours leaf blowing the parking lot outside my building every other day. It has seven parking spaces and is definitely not big enough to warrant that much leaf blowing. They must be bored or something. I don’t know. And then on the weekends, I’m usually hanging out with my friend or working on chores and bookkeeping things that I don’t have time to work on during the week. But now that classes are almost over, I should be able to work something out with the filming.

That’s all I have for this month. I’ve just been spending a ton of time working on finals or doing other boring things. Thanks again for your patience as I adjust to juggling grad school, a job, and producing content for you. I’ll get it worked out soon.

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