December 2021 Life and Writing Update

Hi, everyone. I’m here to update you before the holidays. I’m happy to say this is not only a life update, but also a reading and writing update.

I finished all my finals on time, and passed all my classes with high grades. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like grad school is at all hard. It just requires a lot of time to complete all the readings and assignments. One semester done! Three more to go (assuming I finish on time).

Finishing school was a relief, and my friend and I spent almost a week hanging out to celebrate. I may or may not have gotten him addicted to Hogwarts Battle when he was over, thus resulting in us spending so much time together….If anyone has played the fourth pack in the Charms and Potions expansion and has any tips, please share. We played games 1-7 in the original and 1-3 in Charms and Potions without losing at all, but game 4 in Charms and Potions kicked our butts. We’ll have to try again once I leave warm and sunny New Mexico and go to cold and snowy Colorado for the holidays. (Seriously, the weather here is weird, but I rather like not needing a coat and snow boots when I go outside.)

When I wasn’t defeating Lord Voldemort and his allies, I was usually reading. It’s been about five years since I’ve read Fablehaven by Brandon Mull, and I love that series and felt it was time for a reread. Also, I’m preparing to review it here, so I wanted to refresh my memory on the story. I’ve gotten through the first two books already, which is awesome because I like the third, fourth, and fifth significantly more. I’m so excited to reread those three. If I didn’t have other things to do and hadn’t spent so much time playing Hogwarts Battle, I’d probably be done with the series already because it’s hard for me to stop reading it once I start.

I’ve also started writing again. Yay! I’ve written four Welcome to Kareena stories so far, and I’m hoping to write at least four more before this post is published. At this point, I’ve decided to try to post three stories a week until Welcome to Kareena is done. You can expect to see those stories soon.

And that’s really all I have to update you on. I’m just trying to enjoy my five-week break before I have to go back to school and work, but I’m also trying to get some writing done. I hope you all stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.

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