The Mersavi Institute for Spies and Assassins

We leave the islands and cross a wider expanse of the Kentara Ocean. As we make the two-day journey to the continent of Atakris, I tell you another story about the Mersavi Institute for Spies and Assassins, one every child on Mersavi has heard.

* * * * *

Somewhere on Mersavi, there’s a hidden school where children are trained as spies and assassins. The Mersavi Institute for Spies and Assassins has agents everywhere, always looking for children who show promise. Most of them are taken from orphanages, but other times the Institute pays the children’s families for them. None of these children are ever seen again.

They’re trained to be the universe’s most skilled spies and assassins, working for governments, large companies, and rich individuals. They’re masters of disguise, experts at attaining impossible-to-get information, and lethal when it comes to taking out problematic individuals. The Institute has a moral code they follow, preventing their agents from committing crimes against humanity.

Being an agent of the Institute is a life-long commitment involving secrecy and deception. Anyone who betrays the Institute is immediately dispatched by one of the Institute’s assassins. The same thing happens to anyone who learns too much about the Institute, especially their whereabouts. Many people have tried to find the Institute. Most have failed, but some have disappeared and never returned. Perhaps they succeeded and paid a price for their success. No one but the Institute knows.

Do well in your studies, demonstrate good social skills, and be physically active; and if you’re lucky, the Institute might offer you the honor of becoming one of their agents. But you always have to be on your best behavior because you never know when they might be watching….

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