The Merchant and the Tailor

You’re all more than ready to leave Truna, terrified you may have been infected with elans during your stay there. I assure you the city has been safe for years, but you still feel uneasy. This whole region was affected by the plague. Nonetheless, you are happy when we cross the mountains to the desert.Continue reading “The Merchant and the Tailor”

The Hermit and the Healer

Our journey across the grassland continues for two more days before we reach the Amufris Forest. We spend a night there before turning south, slowly making our way to a warmer climate. We follow the edge of Kwema Lake, a massive body of water that sits on the southwest curve of Tukanara. We finally reachContinue reading “The Hermit and the Healer”

The Summer Solstice

You’re all relieved when we take the transporter across the sea the next day. You’re happy to leave Lukravis and its troubles behind. I stress the importance of remembering what you saw and realizing those same problems plague your own world. Earth. It’s been nearly six months since you last saw her. Some of youContinue reading “The Summer Solstice”

City on Fire

Trigger Warning: Contains violence and hate When we reach the mainland, we stay in a coastal city. Mersavi’s cities are big and full of technological advancements, but Lekravis’s cities are bigger. And wealthier. The Lekravis Federation’s capitalist economy allows merchants and other high-ranking vilsnia to live lives of luxury. The city center is full ofContinue reading “City on Fire”

The Mersavi Institute for Spies and Assassins

We leave the islands and cross a wider expanse of the Kentara Ocean. As we make the two-day journey to the continent of Atakris, I tell you another story about the Mersavi Institute for Spies and Assassins, one every child on Mersavi has heard. * * * * * Somewhere on Mersavi, there’s a hiddenContinue reading “The Mersavi Institute for Spies and Assassins”

The Most Diverse Planet

J.L. Weinmeister We take the transporter north through the forest. This journey is far shorter, so you get half a day to go off on your adventures. There’s a nearby river, and we’re right on the edge of the forest and savannah. The options for entertainment are endless. The next day we travel an equallyContinue reading “The Most Diverse Planet”