Once Upon a Weinmeister

Welcome to Kareena

Welcome, humans. If you are here, you must be an adventurer, ready to embark on a journey the likes of which you have never seen before in your world, for this is a journey to foreign worlds, worlds you didn’t even know existed until you found me.

Join Jimaya on a tour of the Kareena Universe, a fantastical world consisting of nine planets.

This is an ongoing short story series. I post stories every Monday and Friday with occasional bonus stories. The series will conclude on January 3rd, 2022.


1: The Journey Begins


2: Welcome to Kareena

3: The Birth of Kareena

4: Festival of the Volai

5: Nolim and the Volai

6: Creatures of the Sea

7: Terro the Adventure

8: The Doomsday Bunker

9: Grandfather and the Hurricane

10: The Great Exodus

11: The Gift of Names

12: The Survivors

13: Dragons

14: Playing God

15: Sireva


16: Welcome to Hassandri

17: Collision


18: Welcome to Bursna

19: The Falarsi’s Boy Problem

20: The Healer

21: The Healer and The Green Archer

22: The Kezdin

23: Rajyr and the Magic Flute

24: Please Be a Girl

25: Nedia and the Potion

26: The Matchmaker

27: Science Experiment Gone Right

28: Master of the Seas


29: Welcome to Linea

30: The Elvira

31: Vivima, Established 315

32: Ria and the Unicorn

33: The Fire Demon

34: The Iratan

35: Northbound

36: The Mellowmira

37: The Mellowmiran Monarchy

38: King Liovel’s Magic Ring

39: The University

40: Legend of the Viristones

41: Winters of Starvation

42: The Night Cosimia Burned

43: Invaders from the North

44: Gardens of Death

45: Tournament of the Swords

46: Lance and the Magic Sword

47: The Winter Festival

48: The General Who Was Not Brave

49: The Carpenter and the Poet

50: The Foreigner


51: Welcome to Nakivi

52: The Viristones

53: The Most Diverse Planet

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