The Gift of Names

J.L. Weinmeister Our final night at sea has arrived. I have one last story to tell you about the bima while here on Kareena. While I have told you much about their history, there is still much you don’t know about their culture. Tonight, I’m sharing one of my favorite bima stories. * * *Continue reading “The Gift of Names”

The Great Exodus

J.L. Weinmeister *Trigger Warning: This story contains brief descriptions of violence and gore. As we continue our sea voyage, you spend much of your time on deck, staring out across the ocean. Your mind returns to the bima over and over again. “What happened to them?” you ask me at least once a day. IContinue reading “The Great Exodus”

Terro the Adventurer

J.L. Weinmeister We end our travels on Mistaza and return to our ship for the long journey back to Shika and the portal. We sit on the deck, wrapped in blankets to fight the chill. Stars twinkle in the sky above us, and the moon slowly glides across the sky. Tonight I have a storyContinue reading “Terro the Adventurer”

Creatures of the Sea

J.L. Weinmeister We leave the shelter of the mixed hard- and softwood trees of the Nalik Woods and hike north into the tundra. The ground is buried in thick layers of snow that never melt. Sparse grasses and shrubs dot the landscape, swaying in the wind. The cold air stings the exposed skin on yourContinue reading “Creatures of the Sea”

The Birth of Kareena

J.L. Weinmeister After you’ve eaten a hardy supper of game meat, vegetables, and freshly baked bread provided by the doctor and botanist, you sit in the darkness, watching the stars come out. You marvel at how many of them there are, for the skies are not this clear on Earth, and the trees obscured theContinue reading “The Birth of Kareena”