Master of the Seas

J.L. Weinmeister After our respite in Se Vraja, we continue onto Se Siara, a small town in the foothills of the mountains. Then we reach Se Mahraha, a large capital at the confluence of two mighty rivers in the subtropical forest on the eastern side of Lekra. It’s interesting how stories can be interconnected withoutContinue reading “Master of the Seas”

Nedia and the Potion

J.L. Weinmeister Trigger Warning: This story briefly describes a stillborn child. After our stay in Se Uladil, we travel onto Se Emira, another large city near a lake in the savannah. Some of you explore the city, while others recreate on the lake or rest at the inn. There are plenty of ways to stayContinue reading “Nedia and the Potion”

Please Be a Girl

J.L. Weinmeister After four days at sea, we reach the southern continent of Lekra. Our first stop is Se Vreda, the capital of Halize, a desert State. This is the first hot desert we’ve been in without the assistance of the transporter. I hope you don’t mind the heat—though it’s currently winter here—because we’ll beContinue reading “Please Be a Girl”

Rajyr and the Magic Flute

J.L. Weinmeister Some of you are horrified by the results of the kezdin. I warned you that you may not like the final rounds. And you have something most of the other spectators don’t. You have the competitors’ backstories. Most people never know why the suitors are there other than to win a bride. That’sContinue reading “Rajyr and the Magic Flute”

The Healer and The Green Archer

J.L. Weinmeister *Trigger Warning: This story contains brief descriptions of gore.  When I finish telling you the story of Daija and her upcoming kezdin, I check the time. We can fit in one more story before we have to be at the arena. Let me tell you Daija’s favorite bedtime story. * * * *Continue reading “The Healer and The Green Archer”

The Falarsi’s Boy Problem

J.L. Weinmeister We travel to another grassland town called Sa Perino. The towns are clustered much closer together on this part of the continent, and you have more and more time to explore each day. We have an inn to ourselves tonight. There are many places to stay here; but I want us to haveContinue reading “The Falarsi’s Boy Problem”

Welcome to Bursna

J.L. Weinmeister When the sun rises, we board the transporter and travel deep into the mountains where the portal to Earth lies. After telling you to cover the windows, I close off the driver’s area and engage the invisibility function on the transporter. You can’t see where we’re going, but you can tell when weContinue reading “Welcome to Bursna”