Science Experiment Gone Right

J.L. Weinmeister After our stay in Se Nadak, we travel to Se Imidar, another town in the southern rift valley. Then we move onto Se Vraja, a small town on the edge of the Da Suaung Mountains. It’s dense rainforest here, and it continues to rain every day. We’ve been travelling for nearly three monthsContinue reading “Science Experiment Gone Right”


J.L. Weinmeister We reach the mountains and are a day’s hike away from the portal. Tonight is the last night you’ll spend on Kareena. Tomorrow night the portal will close, and visitors will be completely forbidden once more. I hope you’ve learned enough about Kareena and the scientists who live here to share their storiesContinue reading “Sireva”

Playing God

J.L. Weinmeister *Trigger Warning: This story contains references to suicide. We hike through the Tiasa Forest on our way back to the portal in the Bersna Mountains. You recognize the path we traverse, and it is strange to be in familiar territory. We’ve spent so much time in new locations that you haven’t returned toContinue reading “Playing God”


J.L. Weinmeister We spend another night in Jakita, resting before the final leg of our journey on Kareena. Tonight I have a story for those of you who love magical creatures, particularly dragons. * * * * * After visiting Earth again, Gina and her partner Ryker had what they believed was a brilliant idea.Continue reading “Dragons”

The Survivors

J.L. Weinmeister We finally reach land again. Even those of you who love the ocean are happy at our return, for you were growing tired of the endless days at sea with nothing eventful to break up the sameness of each day. We follow the Tiasa River northwest, travelling through the same forest that wasContinue reading “The Survivors”

Grandfather and the Hurricane

J.L. Weinmeister One afternoon the skies fill with dark, foreboding clouds. Those of you who aren’t confined to your beds with seasickness anxiously watch the storm build. After several hours, the wind picks up, and lightning flashes on the horizon. We have no choice but to sail through the tempest. The world darkens, and coldContinue reading “Grandfather and the Hurricane”

The Doomsday Bunker

J.L. Weinmeister We continue sailing across the Moroko Ocean, steadily nearing the continent of Shika. Many of you are growing tired of the sea voyage, but we have many days left before we return to land and conclude our exploration of Kareena. I spend most of my time sharing stories to keep you entertained andContinue reading “The Doomsday Bunker”

Terro the Adventurer

J.L. Weinmeister We end our travels on Mistaza and return to our ship for the long journey back to Shika and the portal. We sit on the deck, wrapped in blankets to fight the chill. Stars twinkle in the sky above us, and the moon slowly glides across the sky. Tonight I have a storyContinue reading “Terro the Adventurer”

Creatures of the Sea

J.L. Weinmeister We leave the shelter of the mixed hard- and softwood trees of the Nalik Woods and hike north into the tundra. The ground is buried in thick layers of snow that never melt. Sparse grasses and shrubs dot the landscape, swaying in the wind. The cold air stings the exposed skin on yourContinue reading “Creatures of the Sea”

Nolim and the Volai

J.L. Weinmeister You had enjoyed the Festival of the Volai so much that you want to know more about its history. The following night, I tell you the story exactly as Jaysa heard it as a child growing up in her village. * * * * * During the time of our ancestors, there wasContinue reading “Nolim and the Volai”