The Carpenter and the Poet

J.L. Weinmeister After we leave Susanik, we cross the cold desert between the two forks in the mountain range. We make the journey as quickly as we can to escape this desolate landscape. You’re happy when we reach the other side, though we have mountains barring our way now. We stop for the night, soContinue reading “The Carpenter and the Poet”

The General Who Was Not Brave

J.L. Weinmeister Our fast-paced journey across the grassland continues when we leave Vrem. We spend another night in the wilderness, and I take the night watch. The mountains grow steadily closer until we finally reach their foothills. The town of Susanik is nestled at the base of the towering peaks. This is one of ourContinue reading “The General Who Was Not Brave”

Legend of the Viristones

J.L. Weinmeister We leave the University behind and work our way south through the mountains. We’re returning to the elvirian side of the border to see some of the larger cities in the tropics. For now we’re in the foothills and forested areas. The University keeps records of legends and any bit of information thatContinue reading “Legend of the Viristones”

The Mellowmiran Monarchy

J.L. Weinmeister It’s time for us to return to the wilderness. We travel northeast, trekking deep into the forest. We follow a wide, level path that’s been cleared for travelers. Our next stop is the capital. We spend a night camped in the woods, and we all huddle together for warmth. The mellowmira have toContinue reading “The Mellowmiran Monarchy”