The Carpenter and the Poet

J.L. Weinmeister After we leave Susanik, we cross the cold desert between the two forks in the mountain range. We make the journey as quickly as we can to escape this desolate landscape. You’re happy when we reach the other side, though we have mountains barring our way now. We stop for the night, soContinue reading “The Carpenter and the Poet”

The General Who Was Not Brave

J.L. Weinmeister Our fast-paced journey across the grassland continues when we leave Vrem. We spend another night in the wilderness, and I take the night watch. The mountains grow steadily closer until we finally reach their foothills. The town of Susanik is nestled at the base of the towering peaks. This is one of ourContinue reading “The General Who Was Not Brave”

Lance and the Magic Sword

J.L. Weinmeister We travel northeast to Tizremil and Pobaliz. Both are deep within the boreal forests of the north. Pobaliz is less fortified because it’s about as far away from the border as it can be without being in the tundra. That does, however, make it very cold. It may be autumn, but here itContinue reading “Lance and the Magic Sword”

Tournament of the Swords

J.L. Weinmeister We leave Taj, heading east through the forest. We spend a night under the trees before reaching the city of Rocco. Rocco used to be in the Mani Grassland, but after being burned down multiple times, it relocated to the eastern coast. It’s now the elvira’s center for marine resources. From there weContinue reading “Tournament of the Swords”

The Night Cosimia Burned

J.L. Weinmeister After a good night’s rest and a large breakfast, we board our rafts and continue to the next settlement downriver. As we move, you notice the landscape shift. We started in temperate grassland, but now we’re in the savannah. The grasses are taller and thicker here, and wildlife is far more prevalent. PerhapsContinue reading “The Night Cosimia Burned”