Winters of Starvation

J.L. Weinmeister We continue hiking south through the forest. The trees start to thin before dwindling into nothingness. Soft needle- and leaf-strewn earth becomes dry and dusty dirt. As we leave the cover of the trees, our shoes sink into fine sand. We’ve reached the Sorenis Desert. It’s a cold desert, so heat stroke isn’tContinue reading “Winters of Starvation”

Legend of the Viristones

J.L. Weinmeister We leave the University behind and work our way south through the mountains. We’re returning to the elvirian side of the border to see some of the larger cities in the tropics. For now we’re in the foothills and forested areas. The University keeps records of legends and any bit of information thatContinue reading “Legend of the Viristones”

King Liovel’s Magic Ring

J.L. Weinmeister We leave Burnham and civilization behind, journeying south through the mountains. We stick to the foothills. If we stray too far into the rugged peaks, we’ll encounter frigid temperatures and early snowstorms. The wilderness is our home for the next several days. You’re reminded of your time on Kareena because we see virtuallyContinue reading “King Liovel’s Magic Ring”

The Mellowmiran Monarchy

J.L. Weinmeister It’s time for us to return to the wilderness. We travel northeast, trekking deep into the forest. We follow a wide, level path that’s been cleared for travelers. Our next stop is the capital. We spend a night camped in the woods, and we all huddle together for warmth. The mellowmira have toContinue reading “The Mellowmiran Monarchy”

The Mellowmira

J.L. Weinmeister After our stay in Cosimia, we travel east to the smaller towns of Meenra, Ularramig, and Mazrin. They’re all in the boreal forest that makes up the majority of the mellowmiran territory. North of the forest is uninhabited tundra. Sometimes men travel there to hunt, but that’s the extent of their use ofContinue reading “The Mellowmira”

Ria and the Unicorn

J.L. Weinmeister We leave Vivima early in the morning, continuing to hike across the forested landscape. Birds chirp in the trees, and there’s a lot of activity in the underbrush and treetops as animals prepare for the colder weather. You can feel it too. There’s a chill in the air, and you dress in moreContinue reading “Ria and the Unicorn”