The Most Diverse Planet

J.L. Weinmeister We take the transporter north through the forest. This journey is far shorter, so you get half a day to go off on your adventures. There’s a nearby river, and we’re right on the edge of the forest and savannah. The options for entertainment are endless. The next day we travel an equallyContinue reading “The Most Diverse Planet”

The Falarsi’s Boy Problem

J.L. Weinmeister We travel to another grassland town called Sa Perino. The towns are clustered much closer together on this part of the continent, and you have more and more time to explore each day. We have an inn to ourselves tonight. There are many places to stay here; but I want us to haveContinue reading “The Falarsi’s Boy Problem”

Welcome to Bursna

J.L. Weinmeister When the sun rises, we board the transporter and travel deep into the mountains where the portal to Earth lies. After telling you to cover the windows, I close off the driver’s area and engage the invisibility function on the transporter. You can’t see where we’re going, but you can tell when weContinue reading “Welcome to Bursna”


J.L. Weinmeister After we’ve explored this continent, we cross the narrow sea—it takes only two days—and travel across a second continent. It is slightly smaller, so we only spend seven Hassandri days there. The southern half is mostly grasslands, transitioning into forests the further south you go. There is a large desert on the easternContinue reading “Collision”

Welcome to Hassandri

J.L. Weinmeister We reach the portal. Our transport vehicle that we drove here seven weeks ago is waiting for us. The vehicle’s long, cylindrical body reminds you of an airplane, though it doesn’t have wings. It travels by hovering over the ground. The scientists created these vehicles to allow travel on and off Kareena, asContinue reading “Welcome to Hassandri”


J.L. Weinmeister We reach the mountains and are a day’s hike away from the portal. Tonight is the last night you’ll spend on Kareena. Tomorrow night the portal will close, and visitors will be completely forbidden once more. I hope you’ve learned enough about Kareena and the scientists who live here to share their storiesContinue reading “Sireva”

Playing God

J.L. Weinmeister *Trigger Warning: This story contains references to suicide. We hike through the Tiasa Forest on our way back to the portal in the Bersna Mountains. You recognize the path we traverse, and it is strange to be in familiar territory. We’ve spent so much time in new locations that you haven’t returned toContinue reading “Playing God”


J.L. Weinmeister We spend another night in Jakita, resting before the final leg of our journey on Kareena. Tonight I have a story for those of you who love magical creatures, particularly dragons. * * * * * After visiting Earth again, Gina and her partner Ryker had what they believed was a brilliant idea.Continue reading “Dragons”